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Gyntima is an effective, gentle, refreshing natural remedy, made for a Woman’s everyday hygiene using Aloe Vera and other ingredients. It has been made using a mild formula that is suitable for sensitive skin. It has no harmful or harsh ingredients.


Gyntima is a Probiotica. It creates a suitable environment for lactobacilli in the vaginal flora.


It comprises of Aloe Vera and other skin friendly ingredients, which are gentle on sensitive skin.


Gyntima protects against harmful bacteria that cause infection and bad odor in the V-area.

  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on skin
  • Prevents bad odor
  • Medically approved
  • Prevent Infection

This video explains how to use it!

Why Use Gyntima?

Personal hygiene is very important in women throughout their lives. However, due to lack of awareness, several thousands of women continue to live their lives struggling with avoidable problems in their v-area. Gyntima is a gentle and easy to use remedy that makes it easy to ensure and maintain personal hygiene. When ignored, infectious agents in the v-area can cause bad odor, excessive discharge, discomfort, and other related urinary tract infections. Moreover, such issues tend to cause women to feel down, have poor health, and lose confidence. Using Gyntima makes life better so order it now!

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Doctors recommend it

Some doctors have recommended it to patients and are happy with the results. They endorse it and encourage women to use it for better personal hygiene. Here's what patients had to say...

I had been asked to try Gyntima to help me have a better and easier way to ensure personal hygiene. Ever since I’ve used it, I feel cleaner, and related problems have almost gone. I highly recommend Gyntima.

Personal hygiene is very important in women and sadly there is less awareness about easier alternatives like an intimate wash gel like Gyntima. I am happy my doctor recommended and no I recommend it as well.

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