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Talitha reduces menopausal symptoms like night sweats, hot flushes, palpitations, brain fog, irritability and progressive atrophy of genitourinary mucosa. It protects the cardiovascular system, bone and nervous system, and stimulates immunity.

Hot Flushes

Talitha helps reduce and manage hot flushes during perimenopause and menopause.

Vaginal Dryness

Talitha reduces vaginal dryness. It is one of the most common problems during menopause.

Brain Fog

Forgetting words and numbers? Talitha reduces brain fog problems during menopause.

Talitha Is Recommended for Use to Manage in perimenopause and menopause Because It:
  • Is Easy to Use
  • Is Affordable
  • Offers Quick Relief Relieves
  • relieves climacteric syndrome symptoms
  • Has been Tested and approved
  • Is Medically Approved and recommended by doctors


Scientific advancements aim to help make life better and treatments more effective and faster. Using this sublingual spray helps make relief from menopausal symptoms like hot flushes, climacteric symptoms, and other associated problems faster. There is no need to suffer with the disturbing health problems as you age. Excel Healthcare Laboratories has made it easier for women to access this remedy in Pakistan. Order it now!

Doctors recommend it

Some doctors have recommended it to patients and are happy with the results. They endorse it and encourage women to use it to help manage menopausal symptoms and discomfort. Here's what patients had to say...

I had been asked to try Talitha to help me have an easier and stress-free transition during menopause. Ever since I’ve used it, I feel less hot flushes and anxiety. I have less brain fog problems as well. I highly recommend Talitha.

I am happy my doctor recommended Talitha to me. I had been suffering with hot flushes and bone and muscles problems since the onset of my perimenopausal symptoms. Taking Talitha has made my life better. I strongly recommend it.

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